Thomas Nelles


Nelles is a Vancouver-based interdisciplinary designer.



Thomas Nelles is an multi-award winning artist and designer. His work in the visual arts stemmed from early childhood exploration and evolved into his later interdisciplinary work. An ambitious and passionate individual, he garnered early admission offers from Parsons School of Design, University of Chicago and Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Thomas is an Emily Carr University alumni.

His creative practice often blends multiple mediums including illustration, graphic design and photography. Nelles is interested in hybridity, modes of cross-exploration and blurring polarizing definitions of genre and everyday life. 

Some of his accomplishments include: City of Surrey's Street Beautification initiative award; Six documentary photography awards; 1st place BC Provincial Earth Day Art Show and Competition; And The youngest individual artist to create one of the first digital murals in Metro Vancouver.


Empathy is the cornerstone of design.
— Ilse Crawford