Thomas Nelles

BC TransLink - Surrey Central Skytrain Murals

In 2017, The City of Surrey, in partnership with TransLink, commissioned a temporary mural with the theme “Connecting People, Connecting Places” for the construction hoarding at Surrey Central SkyTrain Station during site upgrades. A print of a detail of this design was created by the artist, and is now a piece in the City of Surrey’s Public Art Collection described below.

Chrysalis takes its name from the stage in which a caterpillar sheds its cocoon and changes into a butterfly. Butterflies have long been recognized as a metaphor for rebirth and transformation. In this digital composite, the butterflies are a positive and uplifting symbol for the changes occurring in Surrey.

Butterfly Locomotion; Camouflaged conversely speaks on a more personal level to individuals through its sensory appeal. Themes include; capturing the imperceptible, rediscovering beauty in familiar spaces and ultimately raising the audience’s awareness of their participation in Surrey's evolution. The inspiration for this work comes from the Kaleidoscope and the origin of its Ancient Greek name of 'kalos-eidos-skopeō', translating to "observation of beautiful forms”. Depicted in the mural is the motion-capture of butterflies in flight. The artist chose to focus on the butterfly’s form to highlight their indiscernible flight pattern instead of their colourful patterned wings. Treating the immediate region as if it were a painting with ordered hierarchy, the mural's purpose is intended to be an instrument to explore the interplay between observing and interacting.